Sunday, April 17, 2011

Small Space Design

I am moving from a 3 bedroom house that I shared with one roommate into a studio apartment and I am having a little downsizing anxiety.  I needed some inspiration and these images are doing the trick! Hopefully you find them inspiring too!

Small but striking desk/shelf combo 
MisoSoupDesign, K Workstation
Photo taken from MisoSoup website


Images taken from

All above images from Apartment Therapy

And now, the smallest of them all...
A small movable "box" placed in airports, hostels and anywhere else you could dream up where tired travelers pay a minimal fee to take a cat nap, charge their electronics or take an conference call.

These personal hotels provide a secure place to nap in style.  Sleep Box was designed by Russian architecture/design firm Arch Group
Images from Arch Group website

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