Sunday, November 17, 2013

Color Trends: Wall Color

Paint it Black. Well, almost. Color this season is going bold from black to gray, dark blues and greens. The darker the better. It's all about making your walls set a dramatic tone for your space and letting your accessories pop! Here are some great examples of this season's interior trend:
These two shots are by Australian designer Greg Natale, this slate gray is a huge trend this year! Different shades of dark moody gray paired with crisp white gives this home a modern look. More images of this home can be found here.
Here the dark color is used to ground the space, by VTWonen, and create drama. I love the way the plates are used to transition from dark to light! This image can be found here.
I love this Amsterdam home. It really takes those Scandinavian design elements that I love - the wide plank light floor, clean lines and beautiful furniture and combines it with a bold dark back drop with beautiful art to create a dynamic space.
Finally, here is a home by design icon Kelly Werstler using a dark bold color to create an opulent foyer. She balances the dark walls with light floors and light reflecting gold and mirrored finishes that pop against the background and amplify light. This image can be found here. Are you daring enough to incorporate this trend into your home?

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