Monday, April 2, 2012

Bec Brittain

I stumbled upon Bec Brittain, Parsons trained industrial designer, while reading one of my favorite blogs Mociun (post on her work to follow soon!).  Bec Brittain has done some very impressive work and one of the most beautiful light fixtures I have ever seen:


I love the shape and the way the light bounces off the glass, I'm picturing this in clusters hanging at different heights from a vaulted ceiling as an art installation.  What a statement that would make!

Here is another one of her light fixtures:

SHY light
I love the chic modern aesthetic!

Some of her other work includes chess sets made out of nuts and bolts, bug monsters which are like a taxidermy mash up of bugs, sea creatures, bones, and so on.  Bec also creates works of art using her bug monsters in glass domes and wall art.  She was also the project designer for Anthropologie's store revitalization with the store shown below in Corona, California.  Here are more images of her amazing work:

All images of Bec Brittain's work were taken directly from her website, which can be found here.

This is just a snippet of what is on her website, she has done some really inspiring work and I love her design for the Anthropologie store.  It really tells a story and curates an experience for the guest.  Definitely take the time to check out her site -

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