Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bringing you the highlights from "50 Reasons to Love Minneapolis/St.Paul" from the City Pages Blog:

5. We're the most literate people in the United States, making it a great place to be a geek.

8. We have sidewalks in the sky.

11. Cheap rent + supportive community = never-ending supply of fresh arts.

12. The most theater seats per capita in the country.

13. Bona fide mom and pop record stores still exist here.

Neil Gaiman, The Coen Brothers and Josh Hartnett are sort-of local.
19. Vintage and thrift stores abound.

23. Every goddamn
band on the planet stops here on their way to Chicago, and you can see them in tiny venues.

Surly, named Beer Advocate's "Best Brewery in America" makes beer just for us.

28. We celebrate May Day with a parade of giant puppets.

Target Field is the nation's greenest stadium.

31. After 25 years of near extinction, river otters have returned to the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.

32. There are more than a few people here who are crazy enough to bike all year round, something that will never cease to terrify and amaze us.

35. Dive bars are more hip than posh bars, and you can get drunk in the middle of the day and use the fact that it's 30-below-zero as an excuse.

36. We've definitely become a foodie town, but that doesn't mean we won't find some fancy way to serve you tater tots. 
41. We're home of the original zombie pub crawl.

42. Mark Wheat, Mary Lucia and 89.3 The Current
46.  St. Paul is the only 9-to-5 metropolis in the nation while Minneapolis stays open late, meaning the Twin Cities is like an awesome giant mullet: Business in the front, party in the back. 

The Walker Art Center is considered a heavy-hitter nationally on the modern art scene.

48. National music mags recognize that there
is/was such a thing as "the Minneapolis sound".    

The Grainbelt Beer sign.

50. Our
Senator used to be on Saturday Night Live.
Twin Cities as an awesome giant mullet - I like it.  My personal favorite is number 11, and if I had written this article that would have been number 1!  I think I would add growing interior/industrial design scene.  Hello...?  BluDot!? 

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