Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This company out of Seoul, Korea has done a fantastic job of capturing nature in their office supply designs!

Inspiration - water droplets on a leaf

Product - Waterdrop Magnet

Inspiration - Leaves

Product - Leaf-it Ginkgo, a post-it style note

Product - Leaf-it Summer and Autumn, post-it style notes

Inspiration - Deer standing in the forest

Product - Forest Bookends

What great design!  I love the idea of the leaf post-it notes - they would add a certain zen quality to my daily tasks.  That Forest bookend is so great, I love how they played with the foreground/background and layered the 2D objects to give it a 3D feel.  Appree products aren't sold in many places in the US currently, but just from through their press page I can tell they are gaining steam among design addicts.  I hope to see them here soon!  

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