Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are You on Trend?

Here's whats hot in the world of paint:

Lime Green

Lemon Yellow

These bold colors are being seen a lot as accent walls,
incorporated in accessories and finishes with neutral surroundings.

Deep Teal
I am seeing quite a bit of the stately heritage home colors, especially in the teal/blue family.  Go bold with this one - it's on wall's and its setting the tone in a big way for everything else in your home.

Fern Green
DO NOT for one second confuse this with sage or avocado green!  This green is soft, organic and beautifully muted.  Paired with a creamy color palette.

Bohemian Brown



And of course the neutrals.  If you are looking to go neutral this year think boho browns (brown with a gray undertone) and GRAY!  Its really everywhere... If I had to pick a trend color gray would be it.  It can be everything from soothing and soft, bold and in your face, austere or the perfect backdrop to those eclectic furnishings you have been trying to find the right color for. 
If you are going with sand beware - the softer and more subtle the better.  You don't want it confused with blase beige.


As far as color goes, this is the color this year.  Its everywhere!  If you are looking to freshen up your decor and bring it up to trend add a little plum.  Its relaxing and inviting, traditional or bohemian, even cutting edge.  It's been seen this year in every hue - bold to barely there.  I have been seeing this color in practically every design blog and furniture showroom I've been to, so keep it in the front of your mind when your getting ready to spruce up this spring.

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