Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pantone 2012 Color of the Year

Read the full press release on Tangerine Tango here.

Image taken from here.

While I do love this color (especially in clothing) and agree that is does feel like an energy boost especially during what is proving to be a very long winter, I can't help but feel like this has been done already.  Orange seemed to be the designer/architect's "modern" color of choice a few years ago... Are we really going back to it already?  The only upside is that the tangerine hue feels a little more tropical vacation vigor than minimal modernist orange.   

I can see this color becoming a fresh trend in the home when mixed with cool greys/blues/greens, bold pinks or a multitude of vibrant color.  If we are just going to use it as an accent color against a sea of white, that says tired to me. 

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