Monday, March 26, 2012

For the Love of Lakes

Art Director Nicole Mayer is redesigning and rethinking the standard lake name and logo.  Taking one Minnesota lake and creating a new visual identity for it everyday.  The results have been a fun way to pay homage to the 10,000+ lakes of Minnesota.  Here are some of her designs:

King Lake

She says it will take a little over 27 years to complete the branding for every lake, but slow and steady wins the race right?  You can find her designs and links to her twitter and facebook, where you can chat with her about your favorite lake, here.  Some of her designs are even for sale here so you can proudly display your lakes new logo in your cabin!  You can find the link to shop on her website.

What a great creative challenge!  What are you doing to challenge yourself and flex your creative muscle?

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