Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I loved the art from yesterday's post so much that I am dedicating a whole post to Thepairabirds shop on Esty!

I love the idea of these three individual geometric prints matted and framed and hung over a sofa to add a splash of color and bring your space up to trend!

Here are a few other pieces that I really liked from her collection:

Pieces featuring women in a very strong, positive way

Cool art featuring animals that would be perfect for kids rooms...

The thing I find really great about Thepairabirds store is the great breadth of selection and the use of repeating color schemes/motifs that make the prints very easy to put together in a cluster of 3 or 5 to really make a statement in a room.  And at around 20 dollars a print they are a pretty inexpensive way to add some unique art to your space.

Tabitha Bianca Brown, the Chicago area illustrator behind Thepairabirds, also has some really great portraits and abstract nature themes that all have that faceted look. I love her perspective and fresh color schemes.  Definitely an artist to check out! 

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